Mark Heine

Chief Executive Officer

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CEO Message

I am pleased with the solid improvement in our margin and operating cash flow, while we are investing in further growth to benefit from the significant opportunities in our markets. Ongoing high client demand for solutions in support of the energy transition, sustainable infrastructure and climate change adaptation, is resulting in a further diversification towards structural growth markets. Our sixty years of expertise and experience come together in our specialist workforce, leading market positions, global footprint, market agnostic asset base, and innovative digital solutions.

In the year of our 60th anniversary, our purpose of creating a safe and liveable world is more relevant than ever before

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Mark Heine

Chief Executive Officer

Performance highlights

Deliver innovative, digital
& sustainable solutions

Renewables, infrastructure and water as % of revenue
63% 2021: 61%
Net promotor score
54 2021: 55

Minimise environmental footprint

Vessels (tonnes per
operational day)
13.8 2021: 14.9
CDP rating
B 2021: B-

Maintain the highest
health & safety standards

Lost time injury frequency
(per million hours)
0.73 2021: 0.70

Create a diverse and inclusive organisation

Women in senior management

19% 2021: 15%
Female employees

22% 2021: 22%

Ensure healthy financial performance

EBIT margin

6.1% 2021: 4.3%
Free cash flow after lease payments
as % of revenue
-0.7% 2021: 0.9%
Return on
8.4% 2021: 8.8%

Selection of projects

We answer key questions from our clients regarding for example the ground conditions at their building site, and the condition of existing assets. We unlock insights from Geo-data to help our clients design, build and operate their assets in a safe, sustainable and efficient manner.

How can Fugro help us to meet our scope 3 reduction targets?

The energy transition is a very complex process which will take time. Therefore, fossil fuels, in particular gas, will remain an important part of the mix for years to come. In this market, we are primarily involved in inspection services: enabling clients to keep their existing facilities operating safely and reliably, in order to protect our oceans and keep coastlines free from exposure to pollution.

What is the best location to develop our offshore wind farm?

Our Geo-data solutions play a key role in the energy transition, in particular through our site characterisations for offshore wind developments; a market in which we have been leading for 25 years already. In Europe, to date we have been involved in projects generating around 110 GW generation capacity, powering over 82 million homes.

How safe are my coastlines in light of climate change?

Fugro is offering integrated seabed mapping and coastal resilience solutions for safe shipping, coastline mapping and ocean science. This helps communities and asset owners to better analyse their climate related risks and available solutions.

How do we get the data we need for the ocean we want?

The United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) aims to reverse the cycle of declining ocean health. As the world’s leading Geo-data expert, Fugro is a committed to supporting to the Ocean Decade through data acquisition and knowledge sharing.

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