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Optimisation of foundation design on one of world’s tallest buildings

Because of the height and unique design of the Dubai Creek Tower, detailed ground engineering is critical to reducing risks and maintaining the project on its tight schedule. In August 2017 Fugro completed one of the most comprehensive geotechnical site investigations ever performed in the region.


anticipated height of 928 metres



36,300 tons: world record for deep foundation testing load, applied on a single barrette

Efficient and accurate

Custom 3D software solution for efficient and accurate installation of offshore wind farm

Since the start of 2017, Fugro has been supporting the installation of the Beatrice wind farm offshore Scotland, by developing a 3D solution with real time analysis for precise and safe installation of the pre-piles and jackets.


successful installation of 344 piles on 86 locations



using approximately 50 sensors 
on the subsea installation frame

Detailed data

Fugro’s detailed data brings successful close to search for lost submarine

Fugro joined a search for the Australian submarine HMAS AE1 which was lost during World War 1 off the coast of Papua New Guinea. Using specialised survey technology, we scanned the seafloor through strong undersea currents and a complex terrain between two land masses. The submarine was found.


Fugro deployed the Fugro Equator vessel (with a sonar system mounted on the hull) and an autonomous underwater vehicle, which flew at 35 metres above the sea floor

Fugro contributes

Fugro contributes towards mapping the world’s oceans

Seabed 2030, a project initiated by GEBCO and the Nippon Foundation, is driven by a motivation to use the ocean sustainably and perform scientific research based on detailed information of the Earth’s Seabed. Fugro supports this initiative by acquiring and contributing bathymetric data from its vessels while transiting between projects.


35,000 square kilometres of bathymetry data contributed so far



covering 5,195 kilometres of ocean during an 8-day transit

Real time

Safe realisation of tunnels in urban area using real time monitoring

The Dutch city of The Hague contracted Fugro to monitor any movements of buildings and the ground surface during construction of the Rotterdamsebaan tunnel. To that end, Fugro has installed GeoRiskPortal®., one of the largest real time monitoring and Internet of Things systems ever developed in the Netherlands.


5,000 sensors



GeoRiskPortal® has so far been used 
in 70+ projects world wide


This was the fourth consecutive year of an exceptionally deep downturn in offshore oil and gas services, currently our largest market.

The impact of the 25% lower oil and gas related revenue could not be fully compensated by continued capacity and cost reduction measures, and an organic 9% revenue increase in our other market segments (most notably building & infrastructure, renewables and power). We ended 2017 with an operational margin of -2%.

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Comprehensive range of specialist data acquisition technology and services to investigate the earth and assets


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Fugro’s activities across life cycle of offshore oil and gas field

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Fugro’s activities across life cycle of offshore wind farm

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